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The Golden Take Over!

February 10, 2020  |  Jenna Lynn

The Golden Take Over!

Gold finishes have taken the Interior Design Industry by storm! At highpoint market  we saw gold finishes in every showroom, it was by far the biggest trend and the dominating factor for all exhibitors. You can find gold in a variety of finish types. From gold leaf to shiny brass and my favorite the matte gold! It is amazing how quickly the trends change. Five years ago, we were discarding all gold fixtures from every home. The lighting, plumbing, and door hardware in polished brass had to go. Fast forward to now and you might question, did I really have to get rid of all the gold I had before? Well the answer is yes. It is not the shiny polished brass with yellow undertones that is the center of attention. Satin brass or matte gold finishes are all the rave right now. What makes this finish spectacular is the warm brown undertone. The satin finish allows the gold tones to become casual yet elegant. With this new finish gold covers a broader spectrum of design aesthetics than ever before. For years the polished gold and polished brass finishes were associated with a more formal traditional design. Now you see everything from contemporary to modern farm house and traditional designs utilizing the new brass and gold finishes.

Below is some of my favorite furniture finds at market that incorporated the satin brass finish beautifully.

The above credenza from John Richards is marvelous with its mix of satin brass and white crocodile leather door front.

These next two drink table are from Vanguard Furniture and are the perfect piece of jewelry in any room.

This accent table is absolutely stunning! The pairing of satin brass base with the lacquer turquoise diamond cut top is simply perfection. This is a Johnathan Charles piece.

There are some amazing designs using the polished brass as well. The key to this is seeking out the warm brown undertone in the metal. Trying to stay away from the bright yellow brass finishes. Below you will see Caracole Furniture did an amazing job with designing furniture using the polished brass. As you can see the polished finish will typically have a more formal flare.


The below live edge wood coffee table is finished in semi-gloss brass from Century Furniture.

Below is a great table from Kifu Paris. The combination of satin brass and the shagreen top is gorgeous.

Lighting companies are stealing the show with these amazing designs using the satin brass.

This Stone lighting fixture was hands down my favorite light fixture from the Dallas Market lighting show in 2018. The hand-blown glass, with white glass and clear glass paired with the satin brass is stunning. Pictures don’t even do it justice. To see this fixture in person is something special.

Tec lighting has done a great job with the Sedona Collection. It is offered in a variety of finishes and globe shades.

John Richards has done a great job keeping up with the satin gold trend. These are a couple of their lighting fixtures. They have a large array of selections throughout the line in satin.

Hammerton has also designed some stellar lighting fixtures. All seen below with the satin finish.